Vision 2014 and the WESC Foundation international conference

This April I’ll be presenting at two separate conferences: Vision 2014 and the WESC Foundation’s annual international conference.

Vision2014_logoVision 2014 is the 11th International Conference on Low Vision, which occurs once every three years and this year will take place in Melbourne, Australia. The themes of the conference are Advancing research, upgrading practice, and improving participation. I will be giving a rapid fire oral presentation about our current research project: “A computer game designed to improve sight for children with visual field loss.” as well as presenting a research poster at the exhibition.

The draft program for the Vision 2014 conference looks particularly promising with an entire day set aside for neurological vision impairment, and other symposia include updates on low vision technology, bionic implants and rehabilitation delivery.

The WESC international conference will be taking place onsite at Exeter, UK on the 30th April and 1st May with a followup day on the 2nd May to discuss a specific neurological visual impairment: Batten disease, also known as neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis. The first day will have talks from Dr. Christine Roman-Lantzy on the CVI Range (which is an approach to assessment and intervention for children with neurological vision impairment) as well as a presentation on the Children & Families bill from Claire Dorer of NASS. On the second day we have presentations on the implications of visual impairment after stroke from Dr. Fiona Rowe of the University of Liverpool, and a presentation from Prof. Rob Scott on developments with the Brainport. If you are interested in finding out more details about this conference and would be interested in attending please feel free to contact WESC using the email address:

Hopefully I will see some of you there.