Recruiting research participants to assess vision therapy

Over the last year and a half we have been busy developing a computer game for young people with visual field loss caused by brain injury that builds on neuro-rehabilitation training programmes involving specialised computer software. These training programmes have been assessed in adults and significant improvements in functional vision have been observed, improving skills of independent living and quality of life. However, these training programmes are typically tedious and time-consuming so we have been exploring the potential of using computer game technology to increase motivation and engagement with rehabilitation. Now, we want to assess whether the computer game we have developed can improve the way in which young people with visual field loss use their vision and assess whether similar functional improvements occur that transfer to activities of daily living.

Jade-jonathan-300roundIf you have visual field loss or care for someone who does, and are between the ages of 8-25 years old, then we would like to invite you to take part in this research study. The study is sponsored by the University of Lincoln and the WESC Foundation in Exeter. Please contact Jonathan Waddington from the Research and Development team on 01392 454349 or email if you are interested and would like more details.